Roadmap v0.2

17 September 2020

We plan to release an update to the Roadmap (v0.2) next week. Brief highlights:

  • Staking and governance - throughout September and October the team will continue to add new staking, governance and reward features. The governance and staking programs released today are the first of this wave of protocol features.

  • Decentralized exchange - we are adding a Decentralized NFT Exchange into the roadmap. Numerous marketplaces, NFT issuers and buyers have expressed challenges re-selling NFT assets. This is an immediate challenge faced by the industry and we have front-loaded it into our development pipeline. Over the course of Q4 2020, we plan to develop and launch an MVP of an open decentralized exchange platform for NFT’s. The product is intended to emulate the simplicity and user experience of Uniswap. It is planned that the NFT DEX will allow NFT’s to be swapped for other NFT’s, stablecoins or decentralized cryptocurrencies with an on-chain system, and also enable marketplaces and individual NFT sellers to integrate the DEX into their own marketplaces or virtual storefronts.