New Swap

The NEW SWAP page is used to create swaps. The swap creation interface has a GIVE and a TAKE side. The swap creator uses the GIVE side to select the assets from the connected wallet to place into the swap and the TAKE side to specify the assets from the selected blockchain to be requested via the swap. Each side has a section for ETH, ERC-20s, and NFTs. The + button in each section can be used to add one or more of the associated asset type to the swap.

The ADVANCED drop down menu beneath the swap creation interface on the NEW SWAP page is where users can specify and add (whitelist) one or more addresses which can take the swap, elect to create a custodial swap, and set an approximate expiration date for the swap. Swap expiration dates are approximate because NFT Protocol is only able to allow swaps to expire at a specified block height. The application estimates what the block height is likely to be at the chosen expiration date and programs the swap accordingly. Because block times vary it is not possible to program a swap to expire at a specific point in time.

Once assets have been appropriately placed into the swap creation interface, click the CREATE SWAP button. A transaction modal will appear and detail the on-chain transactions required to create the swap. Click CREATE SWAP to proceed with swap creation or DON’T CREATE SWAP to cancel and return to the swap creation interface. Clicking CREATE SWAP will precipitate a transaction approval prompt via the connected wallet for every transaction listed on the modal that is required to create the swap. As transactions are approved and submitted via the connected wallet, the transaction modal will indicate the status of each transaction and, once they've all confirmed, that the swap has been successfully created. *NOTE: The rest of the UI will be inaccessible while transactions are awaiting confirmation. Clicking OK on the transaction status modal after the swap has been created will lead the user to the SWAP DETAILS page.

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