NFT Protocol collects a flat protocol fee of .001 ETH per swap taken charged to the swap taker. This fee scales linearly from .001 ETH to 0 ETH according to the quantity of $NFT in the swap taker's connected wallet as follows:

  • full flat fee below a 10,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 90% of flat fee at a 10,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 80% of flat fee at a 20,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 70% of flat fee at a 30,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 60% of flat fee at a 40,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 50% of flat fee at a 50,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 40% of flat fee at a 60,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 30% of flat fee at a 70,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 20% of flat fee at a 80,000 $NFT token balance,

  • 10% of flat fee at a 90,000 $NFT token balance,

  • no fee at a 100,000 or higher $NFT token balance.

The fee associated with taking a swap will always appear in the transaction details and approval prompt upon clicking TAKE SWAP and give users an opportunity to decline taking the swap and paying the associated fee.

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