NFT Protocol is designed as a decentralized protocol to serve the non-fungible token asset class.
Digital goods have the potential to become easily tradable crypto assets. Digital goods are the product of commercial economies: non-fungible items that represent ownership of both digital and physical assets, such as digital art, in-game assets and sneakers. Crypto market participants in decentralized networks have thus far hyper-focused on the fungible exchange of cryptocurrencies and crypto-securities. These assets, generally described as “fungible tokens”, usually represent an electronic stock or currency. As the “non-fungible token” asset class becomes more prevalent, infrastructure is needed to enable their efficient pricing and exchange, as a means to onboard and facilitate transactions for a wide range of digital and physical goods.
NFT Protocol intends to deliver a decentralized platform with the tools to enable efficient markets for non-fungible tokens and their associated digital goods. Our goal is to create a robust and all encompassing system that serves all of the needs of the non-fungible token asset class. It is intended to be a growing organism that lives and breathes non-fungibles, and adapts to and delivers for the needs of the NFT communities. This project is decentralized, invites collaboration, and seeks to benefit from the input of the community, industry participants and enthusiasts across the non-fungible token sector.
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