Browse Swaps

The BROWSE SWAPS page contains all swaps on NFT Protocol and various tools for searching through them.

At the top of the BROWSE SWAPS page are various tools for searching, sorting and filtering through swaps.

The search bar at the top of the BROWSE SWAPS page can be used to search for swaps involving assets from a specific contract address. The search bar can also be used to search for swaps involving assets from a specific NFT collection contained in NFT Protocol's curated list by entering a NFT collection title into the search bar and then selecting the desired collection title from the predictive search results. Search results can be further refined by entering a specific tokenID/name from the specified contract address or collection title into the tokenID field.

The toggles below the search bar can be used to filer results by asset type on both the GIVE (price) and TAKE (for sale) side of the swap. To the right of the search bar are four additional toggles:

  1. SWAPS I CAN TAKE - will show you only swaps the connected wallet is capable of taking with the assets it contains.

  2. ONLY MY SWAPS - will show only swaps that you have created (open, closed and dropped).

  3. INCLUDE CLOSED - will include closed (taken) swaps in the displayed results.

  4. EXCLUDE BUNDLES - will exclude bundles (swaps that contain more than one asset on one or both sides of the swap) from the displayed results.

  5. INCLUDE EXPIRED - will show expired swaps which are otherwise omitted by default.

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