The PROFILE page is where users can view the connected wallet's assets (NFTs and ERC 20s), ETH balance, swap history (open, closed and dropped) and ETH balance on the DEX. The PROFILE page also serves as an avenue for finding open swaps involving the connected wallet's assets and/or creating a swap with the connected wallet's asset.
The 'Assets' tab is where users can view all assets contained in the connected wallet. The 'Asset Type' menu allows users to select which asset type - NFT or ERC 20 - to view. The 'Collection' text entry field can be used as it is on the BROWSE SWAPS and NFT SEARCH pages to search for NFTs contained in the connected wallet by contract address or collection title for NFTs and collections contained in the curated list.
Clicking on a NFT via the PROFILE page leads users to the NFT DETAILS screen where users can see all open offers on the NFT, the NFT’s swap history, and choose to list the NFT for sale.
Clicking an ERC 20 from the 'Assets' allows the user to add it to a NEW SWAP. Clicking a NFT from the 'Assets' tab takes the user to the corresponding NFT DETAILS page.
The 'Swaps' tab allows users to view all open swaps and closed/dropped swaps using the toggles to the right side of the search bar which functions similarly to the search bar elsewhere in the application.
Clicking a swap via the 'Swaps' tab takes the user to the SWAP DETAILS page.
ETH Balance on DEX Because ETH doesn’t have a transfer function NFT Protocol can use to automatically transfer ETH when swaps are executed, ETH received in swaps remains in the protocol’s smart contract and is reflected on the PROFILE page under ‘ETH Balance on DEX’. ETH balances can be withdrawn to the connected wallet at any time and the gas required to do so is comparable to any other ETH transfer.
Withdrawing ETH from the DEX.
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