Staking Plans

17 September 2020

*NOTE* This staking program has since been superceded by a staking program submitted and voted into being by the community through our governance program. Information on the current staking program can be found at the following page.

Get staking!

In conjunction with our governance platform, we’re pleased to be launching governance rewards.

Our goal is to not only implement voting, but also incentivize active voting and community participation in governance of the Protocol.

We are kicking off with a 90-day staking program. Here’s how it will work:

  • Time period - the reward program is for 90 days. The Staking Wallet will open and launch Nov 11th, 2020

  • Staking requirement - stakers must stake a minimum of 10,000 $NFT tokens into the Staking Wallet

  • Voting requirement - during the 90 day period, stakers must participate in 5 or more voting proposals from their participating wallet (NB: the user must retain 100 $NFT tokens in their participating wallet in order to be able to vote).

  • Reward - a 1.1x $NFT token multiplier will be awarded at the 90-day unlock to a staker if they have met the 5-vote requirement. If the voting requirement is not met, tokens return to the participating wallet without the multiplier bonus

  • Staking limit - a maximum of 5 million $NFT tokens may be locked in this program. A single participating wallet may not lock more than 1 million $NFT tokens

  • Benefits - stakers who participate in this inaugural program (Tier 1 Stakers) will offered the opportunity to rollover their staked tokens into a subsequent staking programs with significantly preferential reward multiplier over new stakers.

The program will open for staking on November 11th, 2020.

Official staking contract information will only be available at this site: