Governance Plans
17 September 2020

Participate in the future of NFT Protocol!

We are launching community-led governance.
As we progress the project towards greater decentralization, the development team is pleased to be launching off-chain voting. Off-chain voting is currently the fastest and most reliable way for communities to direct the future of decentralized projects.
We’re utilizing the open-source Snapshot platform, developed by the folks at Balancer Labs and successfully powering communities from Aave to Yearn.

How it works:

    Proposals are created for free by both developers and the community Each proposal and vote requires the participant holding 100 $NFT tokens
    Proposals and votes are signed messages (relayer receipts) stored on IPFS
    Token holders vote off-chain by staking $NFT tokens
    The voting result is verifiable
    Developers execute the action on behalf of the community
It is planned to launch week of 21 September right here at:
Image: How Snapshot works.
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