February 2021 Development Update
URL Parameters, UI/UX and Stablecoin Integration Take Shape
January was another busy month at NFT Protocol. We have been busy building all aspects of the NFT DEX including URL parameters, UI/UX, stablecoin integration and smart contracts.

URL Parameters

A key component to building out this NFT DEX for the secondary market lies in its ability to capture state from the URL. This allows for anyone to pre-populate token addresses, IDs, types, etc. through links that our system knows how to digest and display the correct UI to a user. As we started creating the URL parameters, a famous quote came to mind:
There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.
-- Phil Karlton
Thankfully we aren’t working on complex Objective C methods that use monsters like:
Ours came out relatively straight forward to denote the currency being put into escrow and what is required to satisfy its release. There are both “input” and “output” pairs for the following:
type *support for 721, 20 & 1155 address *the ethereum address id *the token id when applicable quantity *applicable for 20 & 1155
This leaves us with a URL string to pre-populate a trade for CryptoPunk #9749 at 100 DAI, for example, looking something like:

User Interface

In January we published an update on the DEX’s user interface.
A couple of working versions of the NFT DEX UI/UX look like this:
We also launched a UI/UX community design challenge that is closing Friday, February 5th, 2021 at 5pm EST. We’d love to see your submission!
Read more about it here:

Stablecoin Integration

One of many key implementations in the NFT DEX will be that of stablecoins. The development team made great progress on stablecoin integration throughout the month of January.
Below is a screenshot of how an integration may look.
As always if you have questions, comments or suggestions leave them in the comments section below or find us on Telegram or Twitter using the links below!
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